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Over 15 years of experience 

Administration & Services

I am competent in most aspects of office management with particular excellence in managing data, reporting, clear communication, stellar interpersonal skills, facilitation, organization, and especially software / database management. 



Ranging from ordering supplies, to writing newsletters to ...booking meetings managing calendars, event planning, agenda and meeting minutes, payroll, accounts payable, 

This list can get really long. Why not email me with exactly are you needing help with


Project Co-ordination/ Management

From project  planning, tracking, RFP reviews, risk analysis, budget and constraints review, scrums, reporting, asset management, purchasing and logistics, implementation, training staff, developing training manuals, with a particular focus on large scale software implementation


Senior Care 

As I have a loved one face getting older, there are so many tasks that need to get done, and it is unrelenting.  If you are a senior wanting to stay as independent as you can, needing targeted support?  Perhaps your loved one is far away, and you would like to have a local person to offer assistance?


Pet Care

Looking for a reliable dog walker? Got a puppy recently and need support from those who understand puppies bite?  Want someone to stop in for an hour in the middle of the day, walk, medication, practice training, or snuggle....

what would make it easier to come home every day?

Why Me...

About Me

I am a long time Yukoner who has a cabin in the woods and a couple pets for company =)

I am a certified minute taker with 85+ WPM. I have comprehensive experience developing training manuals.  I am a certified Process Analyst with Rummler Brache.  I have extensive education and courses within Project Management principles. In addition, I understand the basics of how software is designed/ functions and can typically navigate most "off the shelf" software intuitively.

Quote Request

If you would like more information, have a large or small task that isn't listed, or would like to discuss availability and costs, please email!
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